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We helped design the first custom label required for CareTend and CPR+ software nearly 20 years ago. What started as one label has developed into multiple designs and options. The Sourcing Group is here to help you find the best label choice for your pharmacy and we are committed to manufacturing and warehousing the best quality labels at a fair price.

Specialty Rx and Retail Pharmacies – be sure to check out our Specialty Label Forms that combine product labels and a drug information sheet into one laser printed form. Click Here.

The Sourcing Group also provides many custom and stock medical forms to meet your needs, including Delivery and CMS/HCFA forms.

Standard IV Bag Label

Dual Purpose Label


Standard label for use in offices where the primary concern is labeling IV bags.


The dual purpose label is for use in offices where there is a need for both IV bags and syringe labeling. With one printer, users can print IV, TPN, shipping and syringe labels without changing stock.


Syringe Label


Combo Label with IV Bag/Syringe


If your office prints syringe labels in higher volumes, this is a great choice.


PO Label


For use when labeling PO or oral med's -
Fit's on oral med vials.


The combo label is for use in offices where there is a need for both IV bag and syringe labeling.



Asset Labels


Shelf Labels


Oxygen Tank Labels


You need a durable label with an image that withstands the cleaning process. Our Asset Labels will stand up over time and work with Caretend Software to create barcoded description labels to meet your needs.





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