Using Technology to Move Your Data

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Is paper superior to screen for learning, writing and comprehension? The International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning recently examined this question in a study completed at the Children’s Digital Media Center@LA. In a series of two studies, they asked a several questions: 1. First, what do students say they prefer — paper or computer? 2. Second, do they perform better in terms of reading comprehension on paper versus screen? 3. And three, would reading articles in either medium improve the quality and efficiency for a task to write an essay which required critical thinking? Funnily enough, millenials overwhelmingly told us they prefer paper. 60 out of 66 students preferred paper to computer when studying. They thought that this generation of students may have adapted to this new technology, but nearly everyone expressed a preference for paper, usually telling us they felt they performed better when reading on paper rather than a screen.

Source: Learning from Paper: Learning from Screens/ Impact of Screen Reading and Multitasking Conditions on Reading and Writing among College Students: International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning,

If you rely on paper for schoolwork/studying it makes sense that this habit would coincide with other documents like billing/statement activity.

There is no doubt that postage is a major drain on your bottom line. As we all try to cut costs and move information to our customers electronically this process opens us up to more security issues. With more security, come more associated costs and more exposure to identity theft.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe just in mailing services.  My feeling is that our customers would like a mix.  No two individuals are alike so thinking that all would like one method of data delivery is not practical.  As we push our customers to electronic data delivery, be careful not to push you customer out the door to your competitor.  I believe it is critical to for all of us to understand that our customers are unique and multiple delivery solutions are needed to satisfy them.

Happy Mailing,

Robbie Fuller

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